Are you tired of spending your time and money buying shitty enema bulbs online, only to find that they’re a pain in the ass to use?

Do you want to feel clean and confident when you're having gay sex as a bottom?

Then keep reading.

When I was starting out as a bottom at 20 years old, there were no bottoming tutorials and kits that taught me how to clean properly and prepare my ass before getting pounded. 

I had to learn the entire douching process on my own over the last 4 years, and let me just say that it was NOT EASY.

I've gotten the worst products that made me HATE being a bottom. Enema bulbs with nozzles that don’t twist off easily, making it difficult to put water in… ones that are weak and flimsy and SPILL water all over the floor… douches that are impossible to clean, so you’d just have to deal with your permanent shit stains on the nozzle. DISGUSTING!

Not to mention that one time, I anal douched so improperly that I bled out of my ass for a week. Or that other time that I saw my own shit on my man’s dick and I freaked the fuck out. EW.

BUT GUESS WHAT? Kevin has GROWN. Now, I never have to worry about being dirty during sex or getting hurt because I’ve learned so much from getting fucked twice a week by the hottest man in Los Angeles for the last 3 years.

I understand which enema bulbs are the most efficient and safe for gay men to use, which type of lube is appropriate for your anal health, and the specifics on how to properly clean up and prepare for anal sex as a bottom.

If you're reading this, you probably don’t know where to start when it comes to anal douching. Worried about hurting yourself, confused about how to do it, and unsure of what products that you need to get. 

You’re probably scared about the possibility that you might actually see that large burrito you had for lunch again… on a hot dude’s dick.

This is completely valid. Because if you fuck up… Yeah, you’d be a huge turnoff, and his dick will probably go flaccid.

Good news: your problems are about to be fixed, because I just saved you time and money by putting everything that you need for clean sex in a cute little box!

Say goodbye to scrolling endlessly on Amazon and your local sex shop's crusty website to grab an enema bulb that's a pain in the ass to use and lube that dries up in 3 seconds...

And say hello to KEV'S KLEANING KIT.

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Here's why my kits are the best option for you. They include: 

  • My favorite twist-tip enema bulb that I personally use.
  • The best water-based lube on the market.
  • A thorough, 11-step written guide with instructive photos to teach you how to use these essential products.

The kits are priced at $49.99, and before you say anything about the price, answer this question for me - is $49.99 not worth a night of clean, hot fun with you top?

Is $49.99 not worth feeling insanely sexy, confident, and 100% sure that you aren't gonna literally shit on somebody that you want to impress?

Is $49.99 not worth avoiding bleeding out of your ass for a week because you got some random products from a sketchy site and don't know how to use any of them?


Because if somebody I trusted offered me a Kleaning Kit back in 2019, and told me that it would help me avoid ALL of the bottoming problems I had to face, problems that cost me my health, patience, and emotional well-being... I would've gotten my hands on it as soon as I could.

 So do it.

Take control of your sex life, and learn how to bottom properly.

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