Weird Things That Gay Dudes Put On Their Dating Profiles.

Nov 07, 2021



I understand and respect preferences but this is just weird. I feel like nowadays it's definitely cooler to be asian, so like, that's great. But to put this on your profile? EYE.

“No asians”

Again, I understand and respect preferences but this is also just weird. It's cool to like what you like, but don't leave this on your bio cause it'll make people feel bad for existing.

Harry Shum Jr Asian GIF

“Want a sugar daddy? Add this WhatsApp number #”

I respect the entrepreneurial spirit like get that coin mister. But I’ve spoken to some of these people before and like... They try to get you to buy this iTunes gift card in exchange for "thousands of dollars" and it’s just like the dumbest way to scam someone.

If anyone ever promises you thousands of dollars but you have to get them an iTunes gift card to get your prize... Block em.

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