Dating Profile Red Flags (Gay Edition)

Oct 28, 2021

“Masc for masc”

These guys aren’t masculine they are insecure. If these guys hit you up, don’t trust them.

Twitch Reaction GIF by Hyper RPG

“Fit Only”

It’s normal to like fitness, but some guys have this as their literal name on their profiles. Like what in the-

If you hit me up because I’m fit, and your name is “Fit Only” like, leave me alone, we're not friends.

bench press gym GIF by Ben L

“NPCP (No Pic No Response)” 

This one is legit hilarious because the guys that have this on their bio usually have like 1 photo and it's usually a mirror pic of them at the gym without their face on it.

Like it's usually just their shirt or their shorts.

The audacity.

imagination jerking off GIF

How do I filter by not weird.

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