How To Make A Bottom's Heart Skip A Beat

Oct 21, 2021

 Basically, things that he does to me that make me want to throw up (but like, in a good way).

Crushing In Love GIF


When he’s cooking or making a drink, or doing anything standing up, just creep up behind him and slowly give him a warm, tight hug from behind.

And then slowly rest your head on his shoulder and just snuggle up his neck and cheek.

This is a real picture of me whenever he does this to me:

Saturday Night Live Love GIF by The Lonely Island


When you’re coming home from a night out, before you get back inside the house, pin him against the door of your room or your staircase or just a random wall and start making out with him. Like, it’s feels public, but also private at the same time, and it’s REBELLIOUS, and literally just gives me a billion butterflies.

These moments give me a really nice flush in my cheeks. I start to look like a tomato.

Blushing Dark Souls GIF by Channel Frederator


Kiss his forehead. When you’re cuddling, when you’re doing stuff, when you’re hugging, just kiss. his. forehead. It’ll give him the tingles.

robbie lawler kiss GIF

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