How To Be The Perfect Bottom

Oct 23, 2021

*This is not for everyone - just what works for me and Ben.

Let him take control.

Tops love dominance. Like, whenever I try to make a move, Ben literally goes, "no, no, no, you don't do that - I do." 

So, if this sounds like your man, let him guide you through the night! He’ll definitely appreciate it. 

Season 4 Control GIF by The Office

Clean up before you guys hang out.

We all know that it’s tough to be spontaneous as a gay people, but one way to try is to be clean before you show up. This’ll help the night progress better with fewer, time-consuming cleaning breaks (who likes those, am I right?).

 full douche GIF

Tell him how good he makes you feel. 

This is the template that I use whenever I don’t know what to say. Which is almost never, cause he always gets the words out of me. Oops.

But, confirming to him that he’s making you feel good will 100% excite him and hype things up.

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