How To Attract Your Favorite Top

Oct 27, 2021

Don’t be too clingy.

I know this applies both ways but the jokes I’ve seen online, about bottoms being needy... Like there’s truth to them.

Take it from me, showing him too much affection: instant turn off.

Give a little mystery, a little cold shoulder here and there.

You'll be irresistible. 

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Look him in the eye when you’re talking to him.

Tops love a confident bottom, and good eye contact is one major way to show off your confidence.

Remember that you’re hot shiz and that he’s lucky to be in your presence.

So don’t be shy and look him in the eye when you’re talking to him.

He’ll feel your vibes.

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Don’t linger.

I used to have this bad habit where the next morning, I’d want to stay at his place for as long as I can because I LOVE HIM AND I DON'T EVER WANT TO LEAVE and I’d literally linger and talk about random stuff in attempts to stall.

Ew. Turn off.

If there’s nothing to do, nothing to talk about, leave.

He'll text you in a few days.

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