Green Flags In Gay Men (Top Edition)

Oct 20, 2021

I love all men but to get in my pants, you've gotta check off these boxes.

Bottoms let me know what you think and tops, take some notes.


I’m not going to shut up about this because this is THE GREEN LIGHT, okay. Dominant tops are just a different species that attract me in like crazy ways. They summon me, ACCIO BOTTOM! 

i tried harry potter GIF


This one might ruffle some feathers but it’s kind of a deal breaker. If you don’t like Taylor swift… I might never talk to you ever again. Like, ever.


we are never ever getting back together GIF by Taylor Swift


Everyone here likes cuddling, right? Like does anyone not like cuddling? it’s October, it’s getting cold like I need someone that enjoys keeping me warm.

Pop Tv Cuddle GIF by Big Brother After Dark


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